Thanks for visiting the site of Joseph H. Holland.  This site gives you a window in some of the things I am currently involved with.  It is by no means comprehensive of all the things I have been done; if I tried to create that site, I probably would never have time to finish it.  For more on my journey, I invite you to read my book From Harlem With Love, where I go into great detail about my career in law, politics, entrepreneurship, community activism and more.  I cover my successes and failures, and I think along the way it also chronicles a lot of the recent history of Harlem, arguably the most famous neighborhood in the world.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward and excited about new developments, some of which are here online now and some of which will be added to the site as they enfold.  For my old friends, I thank you for your continued love and support of myself and my endeavors, and for new friends, I look forward to engaging with you on our common interests.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me your contact information, if you like, so I can stay in touch.


Joseph H. Holland